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Top African-American film star Danny Glover will attend the opening of the 3rd African Film Festival (18-24 March, 2014) to present his latest film “The Children’s Republic” that will open the festival. Also attending, among top African and international guests, Flora Gomes, the Guinea-Bissau director of the acclaimed film. Both Glover and Gomes will be […]

London, 15 January 2014 On 7 January 2014, President Goodluck Jonathan signed into law the Same Sex Marriage (Prohibition) Act in secret. The Act imposes lengthy prison sentences on any person who attempts to enter into a same-sex marriage or civil union; who participates in a gay club, society or organisation; or who makes a […]

ERT Marks International Human Rights Day 2013

Posted by: samirbol on: December 11, 2013

ERT Commemorates the Contribution of Nelson Mandela and the United Nations to Equality London, 10 December 2013 Today, on Human Rights Day, as the memorial service of Nelson Mandela takes place in Soweto stadium, Johannesburg, The Equal Rights Trust (ERT) celebrates Mandela’s unmatched contribution to equality as a human right central to social justice. Inspired […]

London, 9 December 2013 On 27 November 2013, the UK Supreme Court issued its judgment in Bull and Another v Hall and Another, in which it ruled on whether Christian hotel owners discriminated against homosexual civil partners through a policy to only let double rooms to “heterosexual married couples”. In a decision which robustly defends […]

Suspension of EU Negotiations Should Not Delay Equality Law Reform in Ukraine London, 27 November 2013 As the European Union and Ukraine meet to discuss their future relations, The Equal Rights Trust (ERT) is calling on the Ukrainian authorities to reform and amend the country’s equality legislation to bring it in line with international and […]

New Report on Equality in Belarus Published by ERT

Posted by: samirbol on: November 28, 2013

ERT Publishes Half an Hour to Spring: Addressing Discrimination and Inequality in Belarus London, Thursday 28 November Today, at an event held alongside the European Union Eastern Partnership Summit in Vilnius, Lithuania, The Equal Rights Trust (ERT), in partnership with the Belarusian Helsinki Committee (BHC), launched Half an Hour to Spring: Addressing Discrimination and Inequality […]

One Court Gives and Another Takes Away on Statelessness

Posted by: samirbol on: October 23, 2013

London, 23 October 2013 Two important judgments have recently been given in cases with significant implications for statelessness. The judgments highlight two ends of the spectrum in the battle to eradicate statelessness caused by discrimination on grounds of descent. In the first case, following Judgment TC/0168 of the Constitutional Court of the Dominican Republic on […]

اتهم رئيس وكالة أسوشايتد برس غاري برويت إدارة الرئيس الأمريكي أوباما بانتهاك حرية التعبير، معتبرا تنصت وزارة العدل على هواتف مخصصة لمراسلي وكالته “أحد أكبر انتهاكات التعديل الأول للدستور” الأميركي الذي يصون حرية التعبير. وقال برويت السبت 19 أكتوبر/تشرين الأول خلال اجتماع “جمعية الصحافة في البلدان الأميركية” (سيب) إن إدارة الرئيس باراك أوباما “كشفت مصادر […]

London, 17 October 2013 On 3 October 2013, the European Court of Human Rights (ECtHR) held that the failure by the Greek Court of Cassation to condemn a private company’s dismissal of an employee, because he was HIV-positive, was a violation of the European Convention on Human Rights and Fundamental Freedoms (ECHR). Specifically, the Court […]

ربع مليون عامل يداومون يوميا في شركاته، يربح في الدقيقة الواحدة أكثر من2000 دولار و120 ألفا في الساعة وتقريبا مليونين و900 ألف دولار في اليوم، يلاعب الأرقام كالدمى ويقلبها في رأسه ذات اليمين وذات الشمال حتى تستقر على صفقة ما، هوسه بالأرقام غير محدود، فبعض الأشخاص تعنيهم الكلمات وهو تعنيه الأرقام، فالثروة عنده مثل البستان […]